Charming girl serving cock with lust

Charming girl serving cock with lust

This is daythree of a story of innocent flirtation that grew into the first sexual experience between two step cousins over one amazing long four-day weekend. I hope you already read about days one and two. If not, you can find them here on the site. A link is listed below. If you're looking purely for sex, there's more to the story. It does get hot and steamy, but there's more than just that. This elaborates on all the emotions related to their first sexual encounter. Therefore the intimate details also included are that much better. I hope you enjoy day 3 and continue on to the conclusion. Chapter 9 – An Early Sunday Morning When he made his bed once again on the sofa, Brent considered setting the alarm for the wee hours of the morning. He wanted to make sure he got up early enough to accomplish "his plans". Although an early alarm was not out of the ordinary because of his habitual morning run, he still did not want the alarm to potentially wake everyone else. So he left it off. Unfortunately, this was probably a mistake. He did not sleep at all. He was very worried about not waking up on time. As a result, he ended up tossing and turning the entire night on the sofa. Eventually, he looked at his clock and it could now reasonably be considered "morning". He practically ran down the hallway, but of course stopped quickly in front of his bedroom door. There was no detour in the restroom this time. During his sleepless night he made several trips and his bladder was definitely empty. Besides, there was no way he could go to the restroom at this point because his dick was already harder than ever. He turned the knob, and did not hesitate as much as yesterday. Instead, he stepped right in and closed the door behind him. It was darker than when he entered yesterday. His eyes needed time to adjust. There was some light now coming through the areas around the curtain, but it did not illuminate the room as much as yesterday. Nevertheless, as his eyes adjusted to the low light Brent was able to see Sherry once again in all her splendor. Again, she was lying on her belly with her right leg bent. This time however she was facing the side of the bed from which he was approaching her. He looked closely as he walked towards her and saw that her eyes were now open. She smiled briefly and then closed her eyes to once again "pretend" she was sleeping. They have been playing this game the last few mornings so that the two young cousins would not have to discuss anything. They could simply act on their impulses. He knew she was awake. He also assumed that she was probably peeking to see him and if his clothing offered her any strategic and sensual views similar to the view he had now of her. He was simply wearing a pair of gym shorts and nothing else. The bulge in his pants was already visible. In his sixteen-year-old physique was still strong from his weightlifting and football practice. If Sherry did take a peek it was sure to excite her even more. As he examined her closely, he saw that her nightshirt was the same. Unlike yesterday morning when it was lifted up, the light blue material now covered her entire ass. This did not deter him one bit. He didn't hesitate this morning. His determination was amazing. In fact, his motion was so deliberate he literally used both hands to grab the end of her nightshirt. He lifted it up and set it back down on the small of her back without hesitation. He wanted to see that ass! Now it was time to start the routine again. He knew she was awake, he knew what she wanted. There were no words between them but the actions were about to begin. This time he was much more confident, deliberate, and quite frankly – impatient. And most importantly, he was aroused more than he ever had been in his life! So he used both hands at once and fully grabbed her entire ass. He squeezed at the same time. He knew she was going to continue to pretend she was asleep; but he knew she wasn't. That was confirmed by the way she exhaled and slightly moaned when he grabbed her ass. There was absolutely no way someone could make that type of noise in their sleep. But that was okay, they both knew the game they were playing. He squeezed and massaged her ass fully. Yesterday he caressed it, now he was massaging it like someone would rubdown the back and shoulders of an athlete. As he did so, he was pushing with all his weight. He wasn't sure if this was the right thing to do. But when she responded as she did, he knew he was on the right track. And the more he pushed, the heavier her breathing became. As he pushed on her buttocks each time, he was driving her midsection into the mattress. Again, this must've been appropriate because her hips were now working with him to push herself into the mattress even more. With his help, she was now fucking the mattress. And the fucking was going on at a very rapid pace. Just as yesterday morning, the pace was becoming more and more frequent, as did her breathing. Unfortunately, this time around both of his hands were busy at the task. Consequently, his cock was hot, hard, horny, and yet helpless! His dedication to her made him wanting so much more for himself. But he knew there would be time later. Now, it was obvious what he was doing was pleasing her. This was an amazing concept. This was more exciting than anything he could physically do to himself. Little did he know, this feeling would remain with him the rest of his life. That is, from that point on he always would derive more satisfaction from pleasing his partner than he ever would from what he received. So he continued on his quest to make her feel good. As she humped the bed madly the springs were squeaking quite loudly. He actually now was losing some of the excitement because he was worried again someone might hear. As soon as that thought crossed his mind someone upstairs dropped something in the kitchen. The kitchen floor was the ceiling of the room next to his bedroom. As such, the sound startled both Brent and Sherry. All motion stopped. The room grew quiet as the springs and the bouncing mattress no longer were moving. Yet the sound of her breathing could not be suppressed. She was still breathing hard, rhythmic, and continuously. For a brief second he considered leaving. But he realized that the sound was only something such as a fork or knife dropping on the floor. Not a sign that anybody was coming down. And again he was taking a different approach today. He was not going to be deterred easily. Just as he started to reach back down she began to turn. She rolled away from him toward the center of the bed. At first, he thought this was a sign that she was stopping even though he had decided not to. But then he quickly realized this wasn't the case. Instead, she was simply rolling over onto her back. And he knew she wanted to continue once her ass was on the bed. He knew this because she slid that beautiful ass he had just been fondling back to the edge of the bed and towards him. Not only that, but as she did so she spread her legs almost as wide as she possibly could. Her right knee brushed against him near his crotch. He instinctively moved slightly to the right and let his covered dick push against her knee for a brief second. This reminded him of what he'd been missing. But yet his attention was more focused on what lie between those open legs. This was getting interesting. The yellow panties were still on; however, they were driven so far inside her wet pussy that they resembled an almost invisible thong. The hair all around the edges of her pussy was matted down to her skin. Even though it was still rather dark, it was very clear that her crotch had now graduated from "moist" to thoroughly wet. If it weren't for his magazines, he might not fully know what he was looking at. Partially because of the darkness, partially because of what little bit of material was there, and mostly because he was still inexperienced. But the many evenings with pictures of naked women in one hand and his dick in the other now gave him the "experience" to know what he was looking at. The dark, wet, hair was all around the top of her thighs and enveloping what little amount of yellow material could still be seen. This was the early 80s and women during that time did not maintain their hair around there. There was more hair visible than he could've ever imagined. He looked more closely and realized also that the underwear could not be seen because the lips of her pussy were now surrounding it. He even knew the clitoris was very close; but it was covered and pushed back by the underwear he had driven deep within her minutes earlier. Now what was he to do? He had previously been pushing down on her butt and so he had something to grab. What was he to grab? He decided he would reach for her inner thighs; but this time gently. Partially because they both had calmed down due to the noise upstairs, but also because he was nervous. He first touched her inner thigh with the back of his right hand. He slid the back of his hand back and forth on her thigh. He did this quite a few times – each time increasing the distance he moved it. Eventually, the end of his stroke began to reach the crease of her groin. After several more strokes like that, he moved just a bit further to allow his thumb to touch the lips of her pussy. The second the tip of his thumb reached her folded lips, she breathed deeply and quivered. Right then and there he almost came. His brush with orgasm made him realize how long he had been ignoring himself. He quickly moved his left hand. It wasn't his usual hand of choice for masturbating; but it had to cover once again for the right hand that was busy. He reached down through both the elastic band of his shorts and his underwear. Instead of immediately grabbing his shaft, he put his palm directly on top of the head of this prick. He knew what sensation this with create. It sent surges of electricity throughout his body and made him "quiver" just as she had done when he first touched the lips of her pussy. His palm stopped motionless on the head as he shook. His eyes closed briefly and he imagined how much more wonderful it could have been if the head of his dick had actually been touching the lips of her pussy while they "quivered" together at the same time. He then realized he could closely replicate that. He pulled his hand off the head of his dick for a brief second. Then, in one swift motion his right hand moved forward causing his thumb tip to push the lips of her pussy once again. This time his effort was more forceful. The tip of his thumb was now slipping past the material and slightly inside her. The middle of his thumb was resting on the lips where his last touch had ended. Again, the second he touched her lips as well as the entire time his thumb slid across them she quivered with excitement – but she was not alone. At the same time, he used his left palm to once again push down on the slippery head of his cock. However, this time he squeezed over the head. Not only did he quiver as well, but this time he even shook rapidly. He tried to move down further and stimulate the shaft of his cock but was finding it difficult. The difficulty was partly because it was his left hand but mostly because of his position. He knew he shouldn't, but he had an idea. He pulled his right hand away from her pussy and took his left hand out of his pants. He then stuck each of his thumbs under the waistband at his hips and in less than a second his shorts and his underwear were around his ankles. He even stepped out of them. Yes, someone could walk in – but he did not care at this point. While he was doing this, he watched her closely. He wanted to see if her eyes were open. He now stood right next to her fully naked and fully aroused. However he made sure he never looked directly at them for fear their eyes would meet thus ruining the premise of this encounter. He knew it! Her eyes did open, and they opened even wider as she realized that his rock hard cock was now totally exposed and just inches from her face! She smiled slightly, licked her lips, stared at his rock hard member. She made sure not to make eye contact with him though. He moved toward her again and cupped her right thigh. As he did so, his cock moved even closer towards her face. She reluctantly closed her eyes again for fear that he might think she's "awake". While her eyes were closing her lips opened slightly. Perhaps she anticipated the tip of his cock was on its way to her awaiting mouth. But unfortunately, he was not thinking. As he cupped her thigh and slid his hand the thumb drove once again into her pussy. Not much further than before, but this time more deliberately because it knew where it was going. At the same time, his left hand fully grabbed his cock and started stroking it very, very rapidly. Unlike yesterday, the rhythm of each of his hands was not the same. It was as if his dick was controlling his left hand. He tried to move his right hand faster but the angle with which he was pushing was awkward. He was able to move his thumb slightly in and out of her pussy each time glancing over her lips. He knew the friction was stimulating her because once again her hips were moving slightly. But his hips were moving much faster. He needed to stroke faster. But he couldn't! It was his left hand and he just could not gain enough momentum to give him the satisfaction he needed. He stopped what he was doing and leaned forward towards her. It was only seconds but there was a lifetime of thoughts that went through his head. He knew he needed more than what his hand could give him. Her warm, wet, wanting pussy was less than a foot away from the tip of his cock. He could simply move just a bit and experience what he had always dreamed of. But he knew in his heart of hearts he did not want to go that far. In his mind he knew that was something special. He was still young and did not want to go that far just yet. But he had to do something now. Like yesterday morning, he ended up resting his cock on the mattress as he moved his left hand just above her pillow to balance himself. His right hand continued pleasing her while he forcefully fucked his mattress directly beside her. His motion brought him that much closer to her. He could smell her baby powder scented body spray mixed with a new odor that he quickly realized was her pussy and the juices that his efforts were producing. The pillow slid slightly and his left hand moved also. Before he cou
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ld completely regain his balance, he brushed his right cheek against her red lips and her matching cheek. He quickly pushed back into place just in time to see her close her eyes once again following the "peek" she took to see what she could see. He continued to pound his hips and rapidly rub the underside of his dick across the sheets on his mattress. His eyes were now looking directly towards hers. He hoped they would open again. He would love to look in her eyes; but he also knew that that could perhaps make things uncomfortable. His breathing was very deep and quick. In fact, he could see the wisps of her hair by her ear blowing each time he breathed. He watched her eyes open again ever so briefly and close again when they saw he was staring directly at her. This was it, he could last no longer. He ended up coming profusely all over the mattress beside her. After the first shot he started to stand up a bit and unexpectedly shot a second load. This one ended up hitting her nightshirt just below her covered right breast. There was no way she even knew it was there. He figured after he left she would look down and find the white creamy remains. He was wondering if that would be the first time she ever saw such a thing. He quickly imagined her perhaps even tasting it. Gross, he thought. As he completed his orgasm, he realized that she was still moving her hips. Unbeknownst to him due to his inexperience, she had not reached orgasm yet. Later in life he would always focus on his partner’s orgasm being his primary concern. But at this point in time he was young, inexperienced, and unaware. As he now stood there naked with a big glob of his semen on the mattress beside her he felt he had to leave right away. He picked up his shorts and underwear off the floor and walked out quickly. He did not even back out as in the past. He did feel somewhat embarrassed, somewhat confused, but basically completely overwhelmed. He turned directly back into the bathroom. It then dawned on him what he thought about yesterday. He should listen through the wall and see if he can tell what she's doing. He put his ear back to the wall. The site must have been comical if anyone could see him. He waited for a while and then realized he could not really hear anything. He put his shorts and underwear back on. He wanted to take a shower; but he had no clean clothes to put on afterwards. They were all in his bedroom. In theory, he was not supposed to be in there until Sherry was up and out. So his pre-come soaked underwear were once again resting against his now flaccid cock. He would change them after a shower later in the morning. For now, he walked out of the bathroom and was ready to start another day with Sherry and her family. Chapter 10 – Sunday at Old Chicago The day had started out great. It was going to continue to be a good one. Today they were going to Old Chicago. It was the world's only indoor amusement park. And it was right there in his hometown of Bolingbrook, Illinois! A few years back, the city had to decide what it wanted to build. The decision was between a shopping mall or the amusement park. To his delight and every other kid in town, they chose the amusement park. His parents chose Sunday because the crowds were lighter. The day was what you would expect at an amusement park. There were many times as Brent and Sherry were standing in line together that they would bump into each other. He could truly remember how good it felt each and every time he touched her. He was certain she felt the same way. When it came time for dinner, the two of them had to meet up with their parents. They were all ready to go home. "Can Sherry and I stay?" Brent pleaded. Just as he had figured, she was okay with the idea. Once his mom had nodded affirmatively, his dad quickly concurred. "I will come back and pick you up out in front right after 11 o'clock." his mom told him. At the same time, his dad was handing him a 20 bill. ]Wayne gave Sherry a 20 bill as well. "Have fun," he told the two of them. Within seconds they were off and running together on their own. Chapter 11 – The Hints Continue Sherry and he were standing outside Old Chicago just after 11PM. There were lots of other kids standing outside waiting for their rights to arrive. His mom pulled up in the tan station wagone wanted to climb in the backseat with Sherry, but realized it was best if he jumped in front. "How was the rest of your day?" His mom asked. "Great." They both replied simultaneously. "The lines died down a lot later tonight," Brent explained, "a lot of people left about the same time you did" he told his mom. "Well that's good, because I was certainly getting tired of waiting in line all the time," said his mother from a different generation. She continued," I don't know about you two, but I am totally exhausted." Brent did not want to readily admit it, but he was also. It had been a big day. It certainly started out as being the biggest day of his life. And the day continued to be wonderful throughout. He had a wonderful time with Sherry. Their plan to pretend she was asleep and ignore anything that happened was working perfectly. He then noticed the silence as his mind had been fondly remembering the morning for a bit too long. "I am too," Sherry interjected covering for him. "Sorry," he said, "I was thinking about something else. But I'm beat too. I'll certainly sleep well tonight. Plus, I’ve got to get up early to run," he reminded his mom while smiling at Sherry. At this point they both knew why he actually would be getting up early. As soon as they got home, his mom went upstairs to bed. "Night," she told both of them. "Make sure you both go to bed right away." "Night, mom," he replied. "Night, Aunt Pat. Thanks for picking us up," Sherry said gratefully. He thought to himself about what she said. Aunt Pat. On the one hand, the reminder that she was practically his cousin made him uneasy. But on the other hand, it was a huge turn on. "You're welcome," she uttered the last words before she closed her bedroom door. "Well, good night," he said to Sherry as he pulled up beside the sofa. The blanket was perfectly folded at the "foot" and the pillow lay on top of it. His mom had prepared his temporary bed. He then thought about whether or not his mother had been in his room and seen his bed. Whenever he came on his own he usually caught everything on toilet paper or at the very least cleaned up the mess. He'd rather not think about what happened this morning in the aftermath. Her voice brought him back to the present. "Good night," she replied. She was just about to turn and head down the hallway. While he still had eye contact, he decided to make a statement, "I'm so tired tonight I could sleep through anything". His smile was big and devious as he said so. "I'm not so sure how I'll sleep," she said coyly. "I may end up waking up in the middle of the night." His smile got even bigger. He was pretty certain she understood his comment. She walked down the hallway and he stopped what he was doing to watch her the whole way. He still was not tired of seeing her ass in those Jordache jeans. As she turned into his bedroom he turned to his alarm clock and set it for just before dawn. As excited as he was for another encounter, he was so exhausted he felt this time he needed an alarm. Chapter 12 – A Sleepless Sunday Night He was dreaming about her. He can't remember exactly what, but he was thinking about her. He then realized he could feel it. She was now caressing his ass. He was lying on his belly as he always did while he slept. She was back there rubbing both of his cheeks with her hands. He could feel her doing so. And now he was wide awake. He decided to be more discreet and completely pretended to still be sound asleep. She started to grab his ass more firmly. It felt good. Not amazing, but good. Yet then, her right hand went up his shorts on the right side. Her hand rubbed the back of his thigh on its way up and now was grabbing his bare right cheek. She squeezed, now this felt much better. He let her continue this for probably no more than a minute. He was already loaded for bear. So, he turned "in his sleep". As he started to turn he startled her. Her hand quickly came out from under his shorts. But she held her ground as he rolled over and continued to "sleep" on his back now. His left leg was bent against the back of the sofa. His right leg remained straight. He had nothing on but his shorts. So now he lay more naked and exposed than she ever was to him. He had to guess what the view was like between his legs. He now was rock hard imagining what would happen soon. However, he wasn't so sure that it was visible through his shorts. Instead, his hard cock laid flat up against his belly and was most likely unobtrusive as he lay on his back His thoughts did not matter for long. He suddenly felt her hand on his crotch. She grabbed low at first. She had his balls in her hand through the material. Of course, the concept was exciting. Nevertheless, the sensation of anything touching his balls really did not do much for him. He waited patiently for her to move her hand up further. It wasn't happening. At least not right away. He pretty much guessed at the time, and he was right. She had never seen, felt, or experienced a boy like this. So for her, feeling his scrotum and the testicles roll within it was a unique feeling that she did not want to give up. She finally stopped. But unfortunately it turned out only to be long enough for her to now move her right hand through the opening of his shorts below and she now grabbed his bare scrotum under his underwear. Later in life Brent would realize this was a common routine. Girls were always fascinated by the balls and their handy carrying case. If you allow them, they could play with your ball sack for hours. After several minutes of her continuing to play with his testicles under the shorts he started to move his body downward hopefully giving her a hint that she should move her hand up. She took his hint and tried to move her hand up. But fitting her arm through the bottom of his shorts was not working. She pulled her hand out. But now she grabbed his hard cock from the outside of the material. At least things were now slightly better. She was at least grabbing his cock. But through the material he could barely feel it. It went downhill from there. She continued to squeeze just as she had been doing with his sack. She was squeezing so hard he practically was wincing from the pain. He slid up on the sofa and pulled away. He had a choice to make. Would he roll back over in which case she would probably go back to bed, or would he let her continue? All this was being done in his "sleep". He decided to move back down from the sofa. However, before doing so he grabbed the waistband of his shorts and underwear and started to slide them down halfway so they were now in the middle of his butt underneath him. By doing so, the head of his erect cock was now sticking above the waistband on top. It was time to see how she handles things with a hard cock staring at her. Not well as it turned out. At first, things seemed promising. She grabbed the base of his cock through the shorts and began to stroke her hand upward. It was a perfect teasing gesture. She was moving in the right direction just as he, or any man who is having his dick fondled, needed. But things went awry as her hand passed the waistband and reached the bare head. She pulled the waistband down slightly further and grabbed the head of his cock with her palm completely enveloping it. Her fingernails inadvertently were scratching the shaft while she continued to push so hard it felt like she may end up breaking it in two. It was apparent she had her eyes closed last night as he jacked himself off. If she had peeked a little more, she could've seen exactly how the hand should be moving across the penis. Instead, she continued to maneuver all over the tip never touching the all-important shaft where most of the sensation comes from. What happened next should have been fabulous. It wasn't. She stopped terrorizing the head of his penis with her fingernails and the force of her palm. The relief was in and of itself almost as satisfying as an orgasm. His eyes were still closed and he suddenly felt her warm wet lips on the tip of his cock. Finally, we're getting somewhere, he thought to himself. This was the first time he had ever gotten head. A bunch of the guys at school talked about this; but he was never so lucky. Now however, he understood what they were talking about. The touch of her soft lips to the tip was causing him to twitch and his stomach to spasm. This really might turn out to be okay. She repositioned herself further up the sofa and now re-approached down between his legs. Her mouth went further down on his cock this time. What should've been a wonderful experience practically made him yell as her teeth were dragging down the front and back of his cock. She brought her mouth up to the top. Again it was her teeth that spent the majority of the time on his flesh as opposed to her lips or tongue. She pulled it out of her mouth and he assumed she was inspecting it. He wondered what was next. She went to kiss the head again, but this time when she did so her braces were scraping the tip. Her braces were so cute when he looked at her; but this is ridiculous. He instinctively and immediately pulled away and turned over on the sofa. He figured she was probably offended or realized what she had done. But he really did not care at this point. He actually was feeling pain over pretty much his entire cock. This was the one point where their "sleeping charade" did not pay off. If he was awake and she knew so, he could give her direction and tips. He could tell her what felt good, and what didn't. She would be better off; now and in the future whenever she was attempting this again. And obviously he would have been better off. Perhaps the "throbbing" he felt would've been good versus the throbbing pain that it was. He heard her walk away back down the hall. He felt guilty, but what more could he do? There was one more chance tomorrow morning. Perhaps he could show her then? He doubted it. That time was meant for her to "sleep". He thought no more of it and closed his eyes to get some real sleep. As it would turn out, in just a few hours he would feel most overwhelming emotions and sensations of his life. To be continued…

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