Sexy Porn With A Romance With Natural Tits Fucked Aggressively In The Ass

Sexy Porn With A Romance With Natural Tits Fucked Aggressively In The Ass

The buzz of my alarm wakes me, pulling me out of my dream. As soon as I fully wake, the dream is gone and I click off my alarm. I groan as I stretch, taking up most of my queen sized bed with my outstretched limbs. I sigh, completely content, and roll onto my tummy, crawling toward Clyde who is asleep on the end of the bed. "Good morning, my little boy," I coo as I scratch behind his ears, smiling as he purrs and leans into my hand. I kiss him straight on his nose and roll out of bed. After quickly making the bed, I grab my robe from the closet door and wrap it around myself, tying it loosely.  "Oh, coffee...." I murmur, rubbing my eyes as I head into my dark kitchen. I click the coffee maker on and head to the bathroom for my shower. As I scrub myself down with my new body wash, I find my thoughts drifting back to Damien. He still has my panties! I feel the familiar tingle between my legs at the thought of our wonderful morning yesterday. I cannot hide my grin as I wash the suds from my body.  After I've gotten dressed, leaving my panties behind, I head out for a cup of coffee. "I wonder what he's planning if I'm not allowed to wear any underwear today..." While stirring in two spoonfuls of sugar and french vanilla creamer, I head back to my bathroom to brush out my hair and apply my usual work makeup.  I finish my cup just before heading out the door, and I place it in the sink and run a little water in it. "Bye, Clyde! You be a good boy!" I holler from the door as I grab my purse and head outside. I stop at Jo's desk and smile. I grab a mint from the small bowl and begin to unroll it. "Morning, Jo. Is Mr. Parker in yet?" I try to seem nonchalant with a smile, but my heart is racing. I feel like she knows I'm not wearing any underwear. "Yep! He's in his office." She returns my smile and I head towards my desk. I log into my computer and slip my purse into my drawer. Since I'm early, I check my messages and any important documents that have been sent for Damien. I anxiously watch the time and it's not moving fast enough. Finally, it clicks to 8:00 AM, so I get up and walk to his office. I knock softly and open the door. He's sitting at his desk, concentrating on something on his computer. I take this chance to study him for the hundredth time. The little "V" that forms between his brows when he concentrates looks so kissable. He glances up at the door and catches me off guard. He's caught me staring. A slow smile creeps across his beautiful face. "Well good morning, Jane," he says and stands," Please, shut the door." I do as I'm told and walk over to him. "Good morning, Damien. I was a little surprised by your note yesterday. No panties, huh?" I smile and walk around his desk to stand in front of him.  "I purchased something yesterday after we were together... I was hoping you would come." He seems almost embarrassed, and I shrug.  "Of course, I came. How could I not? But, back to business. What did you buy?" He opens one of the drawers of his desk and pulls out a small box with a bow on top.  "For you," he says quietly and places the box in my hand.  "Oh, thank you, Damien." I smile as I take off the lid. I pause when I see a pair of underwear and a remote. "I thought we could play a little game; but only if you want to, of course. If I leave my door open, I can see you from my desk. I thought you could wear these and I could control the level of the vibration. And maybe later if you need some relief, we could go back to my place?" His eyes dance with excitement. How am I supposed to say no to him? I nod and take them from the box. "Allow me," he says and takes them from my hand and kneels in front of me, lifting up one heeled foot and sliding the black lace underwear around them. I pull up my black pencil skirt as high as I can to help, and after doing the same to the other leg he slowly pulls them up my legs until they're in place. "How's that?" he asks and grabs the remote. "It's good. We'll see how it goes once you turn it on." I laugh softly and he kisses me, his excitement clear on his face.  "If that will be all, Mr. Parker..." I turn on my heel and walk away, but he smacks my ass as I do. I yelp and turn towards him, my jaw hanging down.  "Mr. Parker... I am shocked," I say in mock offense and shake my head. "And Jane... you can't touch yourself, ok? It'll ruin the fun." My lips part with a soft gasp and I nod. Once in my seat, I begin checking my emails and remember I still have those documents for Damien. I grab them and head into his office. He's on the phone and looks up at me when I enter. I hold them up so he can see what they are and he reaches out for them. I place them in his hand and turn to leave but stop when the panties start to vibrate against me. I turn to look at him, and he's rolling the remote around in his hand, a mischievous grin on his face. I straighten out my blouse and go back out to my desk. I sit down and clench my thighs together, pushing the vibrations closer against my clit. I grab onto the edge of my desk and sigh. This is going to be a long day.  After ten or fifteen minutes, he clicks it on higher. I look through his door and see him watching me. I look over at Jo, making sure she cannot see me. My breathing has quickened and my chest is getting red. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I cannot concentrate on my work, the vibrations are clouding my thoughts. I look back at Damien and see him moving his hand under his desk as he watches me struggle. "Oh, my God! He's getting off on this. Why does he get relief if I don't? Well... maybe I can help..." I hurry into his office and shut the door. "Jane, what're you doing in here?" he asks, shocked at my sudden intrusion. I push his chair back from his desk and get down on my knees in front of him. His cock is already hard, and he's still slowly stroking himself. I remove his hand and replace it with my own. Slowly sliding my hand along it's length, kissing the head softly. He leans back in his chair and watches me, eyes shaded again. I take him into my mouth, swirling my tongue over the tip, licking off the precum that has begun to gather there. I push further down onto him, taking him in until I feel him reach the back of my throat. He groans and flexes his hips up towards my hungry mouth. I moan on his cock, and move down towards his balls. Licking and sucking gently before going back to his throbbing cock. He pushes me away from him and I wipe my lips. The vibrations are only helping to fuel me. He stands up in front of me and grabs my hair, pushing his cock into my mouth. He uses my hair to hold me in place as he starts to fuck my mouth. I look up at him as his cock rams into the back of my throat. He looks into my eyes and moans loudly, tilting his head back and closing his eyes.  His phone buzzes loudly and we freeze; Jo's paging him. I crawl under his desk and he sits down and slides closer to me. Jo will be here any second. I take his cock into my mouth once more, just as she opens the door. I pray she can't here the buzz of the panties. "Hi, Mr. Parker. Have you seen Jane? There's a delivery for her at my desk and I'm not sure where she is." He reaches down and grabs my hair, trying to focus on Jo's words.  "Uhh... No. I'm sorry, Jo. I haven't seen her. Try the lady's room?" he says with a shrug. "Oh ok. I'm sorry to bother you." She smiles and leaves, shutting the door behind her.  "Oh, fuck-" he stills in my mouth as he shoots load after load of his cum down my throat. I swallow it all and lick my lips as he pushes himself away from his desk. "God, Jane. You're incredible," he murmurs, still trying to catch his breath. He slips himself back into his boxers and zips up his pants.  "I'm sorry if that surprised you... I just needed to do something. These panties are driving me insane."  "You can make it, beautiful girl." He grabs the remote off the desk and clicks it on higher. I moan and have to catch myself on the d
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esk.  "Damien, you're going to be the death of me," I whisper, and he places his hands on either hip and slides them around to my butt. He pulls me closer to him and begins to hike up my skirt. I straddled his legs and he pulls me into his chest, pushing my hair aside to suck softly on my neck. I groan softly, giving in to the sensations surrounding me. He suddenly kisses my neck once and stands me up. "Ok, Jane. I think you've had enough. You should get back to work. I need you to contact Delilah Taylor's Lawyer, and see if he received Jason's settlement request." The sudden transition back to "Mr. Parker" stuns me into silence. I nod slowly, still confused, and pull down my skirt. I walk out of his office and sit down at my desk. Flipping through out client contact information, I find Delilah Taylor's information and punch in the number. "Hello, this is Jane Adams from Parker Law and Associates... Yes, hi. I was calling about-" The vibrations begin to pulse and I grab onto my desk for support. I look in at Damien and see his grin. Evil, evil man. "Yes, I'm sorry. I'm still here. I was calling about Jason and Delilah Taylor. Mr. Parker needed to check that you received Mr. Taylor's settlement request? We sent it out a few weeks ago and wanted to check... Ok, great. Thank you... You too... Buh-bye." I hang up and head to the bathroom. After splashing some cold water on my face, I feel a little better, but not much.  I head by Reception to see what my delivery is, and it's some flowers from my brother, Eric. Today is the anniversary of my parents death. I always try to forget it, and this year it seems that I have. I feel a pang of guilt, momentarily forgetting the panties and Damien. It's been eight years now. I shake my head to clear my mind and take the flowers back to my desk, sitting them on the window sill. The day continues on like this, and finally it's 6:00 PM and I can go home.  "Hi, Damien," I mutter,"Unfortunately, I haven't gotten much work done today." He smiles and reaches out for my hand.  "Come on, we're going to my place." After driving for a little while, we pull up to a massive house on the edge of the city. Damien punches in the code for the gate, and it swings open to allow us in. "Wow... this is amazing," I say, astonished.  "It's just a house, Jane." He shrugs and keeps his hand out the window as we pull up the drive. "I live in an apartment, Damien. This is not just a house..." I laugh at his nonchalance.  He parks in the garage and hurries around to help me out. I take his hand and we walk into the house that way. The impressive size and decor of the house almost distracted me from the endless vibrations against my clitoris. Almost. "Would you like a tour?" "No," I answer quickly, my breathing rugged and heavy.  "Tell me what you want, Jane," he says as he slowly walks up to me, placing his hands on my ass once again. "You... please." He lifts me up, my heels falling to the floor, and he carries me through the house until we get to a bedroom. He tosses me down on the bed, and my hair falls around me. I watch him undress and sit up on my elbows so I can see him better. He slides his jacket off of his shoulders and places it on a chair. He slowly starts to unbutton his white shirt and I gasp when he opens it, revealing his incredible abs. I start to unbutton my navy blue shirt, but move to my skirt so I can untuck it. Once done, I toss my clothes by his and sit up on my knees, watching him. He takes the remote from his pocket and clicks it down to off and then slides his pants off and folds them, placing them by his shirt and jacket on the chair. He slowly walks up to me and wraps his arms around my waist. His face is inches from mine, but he doesn't move. "Kiss me..." I whisper and wrap my arms around his neck. He looks at me a moment longer and crushes his lips on mine. I moan in satisfaction and lean back on the bed, pulling him with me. He lies on top of me, and I can feel his growing erection press against me. He reaches down and slowly pulls the panties off and lies them on the nightstand. He lies down next to me, sliding his boxers off. He grabs me, and positions me over his throbbing cock. I slowly sink down onto it and moan loudly. He sits up, pushing himself deeper into me. He grabs my hips and pushes me up and down until I start to do it myself. I'm already so close to orgasm from being on the brink all day.  "Damien..." I moan into his neck and grab his hair, yanking his head back. He groans deep in his throat and flexes his hips up to me. We speed up, the sound of our bodies colliding fills the room joined only by my moans and his name as it rolls off my tongue. "Yes, Damien," I call, he unclips my bra and tosses it. I press my breasts into his chest so they rub against him as we move.  "I'm so close," I murmur and he grabs my hips hard, pushing me further and further. My fingers dig into his back and I call out his name as I fall into oblivion. He continues to pump into me, saying my name over and over until he cums, and groans loudly.  He brushes my hair back from my neck and kisses it softly, as I slowly return to the now.  "Hi, gorgeous," he whispers and runs his fingertips up and down my back as I lean down on his chest. "Mmm." I moan softly, in total bliss. "You're incredible," he whispers again and I sit up, smiling at him. "I think you're just using me for sex, but I can't complain... it is fantastic." "Jane... I'd never do that to you," he says, his face serious. "I was just kidding, don't get grumpy." I kiss him softly on the lips and get up, slowly pulling off of him. I walk into the master bathroom and am once again wowed. I splash my face with some water and walk back out to him. "I should go..." I stand awkwardly against the door jam and watch him. "Do you have to? I thought I could make you dinner." He hops off the bed and walks over to me, taking my hands in each of his. "I need to feed Clyde, my cat. And I just... I shouldn't stay."  "Oh... Ok. I'll drive you home." He walks over to his dresser and starts to get dressed, pulling on a plain grey t-shirt and jeans. "That's ok, Damien. There's really no need, I can call a cab." "There's no way I'm letting you leave in a cab," he says and I know the conversation is over. He seems different after sex, I can't explain it. I dress quickly and walk out with him. We pull up outside my apartment and he gets out to open my door.  "Thank you for the ride. And well... for everything today." He grabs me and pulls me into a warm hug. He presses his lips to the top of my head and stays like this for a minute. "I'll see you on Monday," he whispers and pulls away, walking to his car without looking at me again. As he drives away, I feel a heaviness in my chest I didn't expect.  Once inside my apartment, I grab Clyde off of the couch and hug him to my chest. "I missed you, today. I had the craziest day ever, and I really wish Auntie Lara was here to hear about it," I say, using my kitty voice. He mews back at me, purring softly as he rubs his head on my chin. "I miss them, Clyde," I say softly, thinking again of my parents. He mews a little louder and wiggles out of my arms. He hurries over to his food bowl and nudges it with him nose. "You're right, my little boy. I need to stay focused." As I sit on my couch eating oven roasted chicken, my phone starts to vibrate. I grab it out of my bag on the table and click it on. "Hi, Jane. I won't be in to work next week until Wednesday. Please continue with the cases as usual, if you have any concerns email me." That's odd. I wonder what's up with him. I feel a pang of sadness and shake it off.  "Thank you for letting me know. Goodnight. xo" I tuck it back into my bag but there's a response almost immediately. "I'll miss you. xo" I gasp. "There's no way he shares my feelings. Wait, I don't have any feelings." I lie to myself, fighting what I know is inevitable.I'm falling for Damien Parker...

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