Public Sex At A Party In A Crazy Club

Public Sex At A Party In A Crazy Club

I had run into Andy, the mechanical engineer inventor of the electric chair, at a Club X party. My wife Kat and I had helped him to make a flyer for the electric chair, a motorized bondage chair that allowed easy access to the person confined in the chair. After taking the pictures, Andy had allowed Kat (my wife) a turn in the chair. She was very pleased with what Andy and I did to her while she was strapped into the chair. I was pleased with how my usually domineering wife had responded so orgasmically to our various actions on her lush body as she was held tightly in that chair; confined, helpless, and hot for our sexual ministrations to her tits and pussy.  After strapping Kat into the chair, Andy and I had played with her breasts, than I bent down and sucked one nipple into my mouth as Andy tasted the other one. When both of her nipples were standing up, hard and straight, I had then gone around to kneel between her legs and went down on her, keeping her in a continuous state of orgasm while Andy concentrated on her beautiful little boobs. Kat had enjoyed herself much more than Andy or I did, as we were both left without relief after Kat was done. When next I saw Andy, at the club X party, I asked him if we (Kat and I) could be invited to use the chair again. “Andy,” I asked, “Is there any possibility that Kat and I might be invited over to try your chair again? “No," said Andy. That was pretty definite. “Please?” I asked. “Is there anything that I can do to change your mind?” “I would rather be in the chair, and I would rather come before you guys leave,” said Andy. “It was interesting, and your Kat’s a sexy hot babe. But I didn’t get any, so why should I invite you guys back?” I couldn’t blame him for that, I hadn’t come either. When my fingers were too tired to stroke Kat’s G-Spot, the whole little encounter had just kind of ended. “Okay,” I said, “you know that I am not sucking your cock, right? So what would make you want us to come back?” Andy, bless his heart, thought about my question for a while. “Ross,” he said, ”I don’t think that you will go for this, but I would like for Kat to strap me into the chair, then tease me for a long time, then climb into my lap and ride me ‘till I come inside her pussy.” Well okay. Andy had gone from one extreme to another, from “No” to “Let me fuck your wife.” I felt that there was some room here for negotiation. “Andy, how would you like a hand job? I mean, as long as you come, right?” Andy gave it some thought, and said “Maybe, if she would tease me a long time first. Is she good at that? Could she bring me right to the edge, then stop, and let me cool down, like, over and over?” He paused a moment, then added “Does she do that for you?” He thought some more, and looking at me suspiciously asked, “You do mean that she would do the hand job, don’t you?” “No!” I said, “I mean yes, I meant Kat. No, I didn’t mean me.” Whoa! “I would like to have any kind of sex with Kat.” “Andy,” I said,” I’ll talk to Kat, and if she’s okay with the idea of giving you a long, drawn out hand job, I’ll call you and we can arrange a date; how’s that?” “That sounds alright to me Ross,” said Andy. He gave me his number on the back of a business card, and I went to find Kat. Now it was time for the hard part. How do I talk my wife into giving someone other than me a hand job? I found Kat talking to some guys out back. This party wasn’t at a rented hall or anything. It was at someone’s house. I am embarrassed to admit that I don’t now remember whose house it was. I was happy to see Kat interacting with people at the party. She had trouble making friends, usually, but had been successful pretty quickly with Club X. A lot of guys hung out with her, I think because of her taking part in the Miss San Diego Leather contest. She came in third in a field of three, but everyone was nice about it, and she was no longer just a face in the crowd. She hung around with the women’s groups in the club a lot too. I was pretty much just Kat’s husband, and I was okay with that. I took Kat aside and asked her how she had liked her time in the electric chair. . . “Kat,” I said, “did you enjoy your time in Andy’s electric chair?” “Yes, I did. It was fun; do you want to do it again?” Kat was interested! “Yes! I just talked to Andy and...“ “No,” said Kat, “don’t tell me that you already talked to him?" “Well, yeah, I talked to Andy just now.” Kat snorted in disgust. “And you made some kind of deal with him?” I know that I was in grave danger now. I had acted independently, I had exceeded my authority. She would be mad any second now, and she never put off a fight until later if she could help it. “I asked Andy what it would take for him to let us use his chair again, but I came right here to you to get your okay.” I hoped that she would not feel the need to tear me a new asshole over my unapproved independence of thought. It turns out that I was lucky this time. She hadn’t been concerned about the independence, but by my obviously inferior negotiating skills. “I’ll talk to Andy,” she told me. “Where is he?” I could see him from where I was standing, so I pointed and when Kat saw him, she told me, “Stay here. Don’t interrupt me, I’ll talk to Andy and we’ll make some kind of deal.” I didn’t have a chance to tell her anything about what Andy and I had talked about, she went straight to Andy and led him down the hall to, I suppose, one of the bedrooms. For privacy while they negotiated Kat’s deal, no doubt. I hung out on the patio. I didn’t see Kat again until it was time to leave, about an hour and a half later. After we got into her car, she told me that she had negotiated a deal, and that she would be at his house the next Saturday, and that I could come along if I wanted to as well. I had thought that this was my idea. Not anymore it wasn’t. It was a deal between Kat and Andy now, with me along for the ride. This was just so typical of my life. I am just way too easy going; people just walk all over me. But this time, I had a little plan of my own. If I could get Andy’s cooperation once Kat was in the chair, I felt sure I could have my way with Kat. Soon, at the crack of noon the next Saturday: Andy let us into his living room, where he had his electric chair setup The electric chair was a restraint chair, with straps to hold someone firmly in place, immobilized, as the chair was tilted forward and back. It also had an adjustment for spreading the occupant’s legs or bringing them together. All electrically powered and controlled by a pendant switch. Kat took off her coat, and Andy kind of gasped when he saw that she was wearing a pair of heels, opera length gloves, and nothing else under it. She was made up, her eyes dark lined, her lips and nipples decorated with matching lipstick. Her thick brown hair was pulled back into a bun on the back of her head. Andy handed me his camcorder. I was now a videographer! Woot. “Strip,” said Kat and Andy quickly kicked off his shoes, then skinned out of his jeans and t-shirt. He stood there in his boxers grinning like a fool. “Strip naked,” Kat said, rather sternly. He complied by sliding his boxers down and stepping out of them. Kat gestured at the chair, saying “Have a seat.” Andy sat. Kat strapped the now naked Andy into the chair. I walked slowly around them, taping her as she cinched the straps, making him grunt as she made the waist strap tight. I loved the way her tits jiggled as she moved; I loved the way she looked, shaved clean except for her eyebrows, eyelashes, and hair. Her face was lacking expression as she took up her crop and the switch box. “Andy, you belong to me now. So you PAY ATTENTION!” her sudden shout surprised Andy and me. She completely ignored me now that the play had started, it seemed appropriate to me that she do so. Andy expected something special from Kat, or as he put it, with Kat. “Yes, Mistress,” he said. It was so cliché, but I was beginning to see why it had become cliché. He, and she, had their roles to play here, and even though to a casual observer it would seem as if Kat was in charge, I understood that they were following Andy’s script. Oh, Kat would get what she wanted from the encounter, and no doubt about that. But this would not end until Andy got what he wanted too. Kat put her crop in her teeth, and with the pendant switches brought Andy’s legs together. She straddled his legs and ran her hands up his chest, finally resting her body against his. Taking up the switch box, she rotated the chair so that Andy was now on his back, with her body resting on his. She let go of the switch box and took the crop out of her mouth and held it in her right hand; leaning in she licked his lips, and when he opened his mouth she licked his tongue too, drawing it out and stroking it with hers. Her tongue slid down under his tongue as she lowered her face to his face, pressing her soft, full lips to his lips. He moaned, and then so did Kat, as they passionately kissed. Kat twisted her head back and forth, and the kiss seemed to go on forever, but after a few minutes she pulled away, causing Andy to gasp. As she pressed her lips to his again, I noticed that she had started humping him, sliding her naked pussy forward and back on his belly. Again their kiss went on for minutes; Andy’s moaning changing from long, soft expressions of sensuality, to shorter, more insistent sounds of lust, timed not to the kiss but to Kat’s humping. She finished the kiss, licking her lips as she pushed herself up from his chest. Her hips still rocked forward and back as she rose up on him, from this position I could see that her pussy was now sliding along the length of his surprisingly long cock. She shifted side to side for a moment, and I saw that she now had his cock sliding slickly between her pussy lips. She looked down at his cock, which was quickly getting shinier as she coated it with her pussy juice. “Andy, slave of mine, do you want me?” she said, teasing him with her words. “Oh yes,” he said, “yes Mistress, I want you, my cock wants you!” His words seemed to anger her, and she snapped her riding crop on his chest twice, then reached back and had at his thigh for a few wacks. “Whose cock, slave? Whose cock?” she demanded. “Yours, Mistress, yours! I belong to you, my cock belongs to you!” “Do I have to share it, slave?” she asked, bringing the crop around and stroking his face with it. “No, Mistress, my cock is yours, only yours. Your slave’s cock is only for you, no one else,” he answered, a bit desperate sounding. “Is there any part of you that isn’t mine, slave?” She leaned forward again, and licked his chin, up to his lips. “Are your lips mine, slave Andy? Is your tongue mine as well?” “Everything I have and am Mistress, is yours,” he said, “I want nothing more than to serve you, now and always. You are my Mistress.” “Oh slave, how very romantic you are!” said Kat. “But have you forgotten our little talk last night? Isn’t my pussy pleasing my cock right now?” Her hips continued their motion, sliding her pussy along his cock, forward and back, constantly. Little talk? “I,” said Andy, “I, um, my cock, I mean your cock, isn’t actually inside your pussy . . .” Kat straightened up, and hit Andy on his chest with her crop again. “I am pleasing my cock with my pussy RIGHT NOW!” She hit him with the crop again, harder this time. “What did we agree on just yesterday, slave, hmm? Just yesterday, what is my name now?” What? What yesterday, they talked yesterday? This was the first I had heard of this. Just what kind of agreement had they come to, anyway? I thought I knew all about the deal, that this was just a one-time thing. He would have his turn in the chair, than she would have hers, right? Was this the script? Was this what they had agreed to when they talked about this yesterday, and last weekend at the party? Or was Kat going off on some script of her own? “Mistress,” he said. She hit him again, and stopped her hip movement. “Slave Andy, what do you call me when I please my cock?” Andy looked at me, for the first time since he had been strapped into the chair. He looked nervous. He hesitated, and Kat hit him with the crop again. “Mistress Pussy Kat,” he said. Cute name, I thought. I wondered why it seemed such a big deal to both of them. Kat’s hips started moving again. “You have one thing, Slave Andy,” said Kat, ”you have a Mistress. One Mistress and I am that Mistress. You are my slave, and I am your Mistress Pussy Kat.” “Yes, Mistress,“ said Andy, “yes, Mistress Pussy Kat, My one and only Mistress Pussy Kat.” Hold on here. MY wife is HIS one and only Mistress Pussy Kat? What? “That’s right, Slave,” said Kat. Or perhaps Mistress Pussy Kat said it; I’m not entirely sure who. Kat reached for the pendant switch box, and I had to pass it to her. She righted the chair and stepped off, Andy moaning in frustration the whole time. As she climbed off of him, I saw for the first time the size of Andy’s cock. It was hard and about eight inches long, and easily twice as thick as mine. It was slick and shiny from all the pussy juice Kat had left on it and more was smeared on his belly. Kat then pressed the switch that spread Andy’s legs apart. Kneeling between his legs, she adjusted his position, tilting the chair back to bring his cock to her face level. She looked at his slimy cock, than at her nice velvet gloves, then at me. I got the message, and brought her a damp washcloth, which she refused to take from my hand. “Clean him up,” she said,” I don’t want to touch his cock or that wet cloth with my gloves.” “You clean him up,” I said. “I am not touching his cock. He and I agreed to that right at the beginning.” I put down the video camera held out my hand. She handed me her riding crop and I set it aside. She then pulled off first her left glove, then her right one. I put them with the riding crop and picked up the camera to continue taping. When Kat saw the camera running, she turned back to Andy and grasped his cock firmly in her hand. It was covered with her goo, and his. She smeared it around his shaft as she began to stroke him. She had a pretty good rhythm going when she brought her left hand over and, with her hand held open, rubbed the palm of her hand on his cock head, smearing the goo all around it and then wrapping that hand around his stiff cock too. Holding tight to his big cock, she engulfed it with her hands, squeezing it tight as she ran her hands up and down, up and down, up and down. I would have to say that Andy seemed pleased. If he could have moved, he would have squirmed all over the place. He’d have fucked Kat’s hands. But he couldn’t move much at all, so he just yelled. He yelled a bunch. “Oh my God!” he cried. “Oh god yes! Do that, Kat! Do that, yessss, do that, Mistress Kat, oh, oh yesssssss.” And more yelling like that. So of course she stopped again. “Are you stupid or something? I JUST NOW told you my name. Do you want me to stop? Is that what you want me to do, slave?” “Nooo, Mistress, don’t stop, noooo. You are my Mistress Pussy Kat”, don’t stop, please!” “Beg,” said Kat. “My Mistress Pussy Kat, please stroke my cock, please? Please, I’ll do anything, just tease me, tease me with your hands and your pussy your lips Kat Pussy Mistress Lips be my Mistress Pussy Kat I beg you, please.” He wasn’t making much sense, but the gist was clear enough. After that, he just whined pathetically. “Say my name!” said Kat. “MISTRESS PUSSY KAT!” yelled Andy. “Shhh, shhh, not so loud, slave Andy,” said Kat soothingly. “Chant my name and see if that doesn’t help, okay?” So he started chanting, “Mistress Pussy Kat, Mistress Pussy Kat, Mistress Pussy Kat...” over and over. I didn’t get why Kat wanted him to do that, but she demanded it and he gave it to her; as he chanted, she started stroking him again, her strokes matching the cadence of his chant. After a while, minutes, Andy was getting pretty close to coming. His breathing became kind of ragged, but he was chanting pretty fast, the three words of Kat’s name running together, until he broke the chant to cry out “Stop Mistress Pussy Kat! Too much, I’m gonna come! Tease Mistress, oh god, oh god!” “SHUT UP SLAVE!” yelled Kat. She let go of his cock with her left hand, stroking without missing a beat with her right. She took the base of his cock between her left thumb and index finger, squeezing tight with her thumb underneath. Holding him tight that way, she stroked him all the way from tip to base so fast that her hand became a blur. He yelled, wordlessly, but as he was completely at Kat’s mercy strapped in his chair, he found that she had none. “Cum slave, cum as hard as you can, cum for your Mistress Pussy Kat!” And he did. Sort of did. I could see, and video, Andy’s balls twitching as he tried to cum, as Kat pushed him over the edge and he came. Pulse after pulse, he came. And nothing came out, nothing at all. Kat’s thumb at the base of his cock, held tight to the underside, blocked his jizz from running up to the tip of his cock and squirting out. Kat stroking Andy’s cock, and since his cum was not able to get out, his body continued to pulse as it tried to squirt. Kat stopped stroking after a while, but held tight to the base of his cock. Pretty soon he stopped pulsing, and a while after that Kat let go of his cock entirely. She reached for the pendant switch and stood up with it. Andy’s cock started drooling as Kat stepped back and started rotating the chair forward, bringing Andy’s head up and then down, until he was face down hanging in the straps. She lifted the pendant switch’s cable over the chair as she stalked around to stand, than kneel between his legs. She passed the switch box from one hand to the other as she turned around and sat on the floor underneath Andy’s cock. Kat tilted her head back and stuck her tongue out, catching the come drooling from his cock. Using the switch, she tilted the chair in little steps, bringing Andy’s cock down to her tongue. She licked around the head, capturing his jizz, than adjusted the chair some more, bringing it down into her mouth. Her head was tilted way back, and she held still until she had a little more than half of it in her mouth. She dropped the switch again and reached up, again holding the base of his cock so that no more jizz came out. She thrust her head up and down, sucking him hard, her pace picking up pretty rapidly as she went. I think that a mental health professional would have been safe to declare Andy insane right about then. He didn’t SAY anything, even though he was making plenty of noise. Kat blew him for, I think, ten minutes. He wasn’t coming, but he wasn’t in any pain, either. She alternated taking him as deep as she could, then just very quickly popping his little head into and out of her mouth, than catching just behind the head with her teeth and torturing him with her tongue on the sensitive spot underneath, than twisting her head around as she went up and down his length. She tilted her head forwar
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d and back, riding his cock’s head along the roof of her mouth, then along her tongue. She did everything that she could think of to his cock, everything she could do to it short of deep throating it. Kat finally got tired of all of this, and started to finish him. She pulled her lips down the length of Andy’s cock, kissing just the head, and then withdrew, sticking her tongue out and holding her mouth open. She grabbed Andy’s cock just behind its little head and squeezed it, her thumb underneath, then released her hold at its base and started frantically jerking him. Andy was beyond insane now. Kat raised her head up and licked Andy’s cock head. His cock tried to give her his jizz, his ass clenching and pulsing, but now it raced out to his cock tip, only to be stymied once again by Kat’s grip. His cock must have been full of sperm, with more behind it as Kat made him pulse over and over, over and over. That’s when Kat let go. Her thumb no longer stopping his juice, Andy’s next pulse sent a stream of come straight into Mistress Pussy Kat’s mouth, a trail of it coating her tongue. She jacked him fast, holding tight to his overheated cock. Stream after stream of jizz shot into her mouth as she milked him of his sperm. He seemed to come for fifteen minutes, though it must have been less than two. First he moaned, then as speech returned to him, he repeated “Yes! Yes! Yes!” over and over again. Kat jerked him, until he went soft, then she just grasped his cock at the base and squeezed, sliding her hand down to the tip, his jizz forced out and into her hungry mouth. She did this four times, than licked his little head clean. Andy begged her to stop now, “Don’t touch me there, please, it hurts now!” Kat swallowed all of his jizz, and licked her lips clean. I got it all on tape. “Who should stop?” asked Kat, once she had finished with everything about Andy’s jizz except for digesting it. “Who are you begging to stop licking my cock?” “Mistress Pussy Kat!” answered Andy. “That’s right,” said Mistress Pussy Kat, and she stopped licking slave Andy’s cock. BUT, she was not done with Andy in his electric chair yet. Mistress Pussy Kat stood up and took the pendant switch box. She tilted the chair upright, than continued past upright until Andy was again laying on his back, though this time his head was lower. She dropped the switch box and removed the restraint from Andy’s forehead. Turning away, she bent forward until her upper body was parallel to the floor, her beautiful tits dangling and jiggling, then spread her legs apart, reached through between them, and taking Andy’s hair in her hands, settled back over his head, dragging her pussy right down his face, his nose, his lips, his chin, smearing pussy juice all over him, and finally rested her ass on his upper chest. She lifted his head in her hands, pressed his mouth to her pussy, and said simply “Eat me, slave!” So he did. Here I had thought that I would have to convince Kat to provide a hand job to Andy so that we could use his electric chair again. But now I had seen her stroke Andy’s cock, suck it and swallow a giant load of his come, and now she had his face planted firmly into her pussy, and somehow I thought that maybe I had underestimated how much she liked fucking with Andy. Or just fucking Andy. I wondered if they had fucked at the party last Saturday Night. I was guessing yes. She did the usual with Andy, turning his head, tilting it, and in general bringing his tongue to just the right spot; angrily ordering him to lick her. She came over and over again, and Andy could have suffocated a couple of times. Finally she let him go, her legs no longer able to support her, and she slid her pussy back over his face and pretty much fell to the floor on her hands and knees. I got a close up of Andy’s face, shiny with Kat’s pussy juice. Kat was on her knees, her face on the floor. She was panting, and I zoomed in on her ass, so round and so fuckable it looked, her pussy shiny like Andy’s face. I put down the camera and quickly stepped out of my shoes, then pulled my shirt off. I was already as hard as I could ever remember being as I pushed down my pants and underwear. I knelt between Andy’s head and Kat’s ass and ran my cock along Kat’s pussy, wetting it with her juice before pressing it into her. I sawed it in and out a few times until it was full length into her, then grabbed her hips and started pounding into her as fast as I could. “No no nooooo!” said Kat. “Not the plan!” I didn’t slow down, and Kat didn’t do anything to try to stop me. She started moaning, and after a minute she reached under and started rubbing her clit. So I stopped. Kat screamed, “Don’t stop now!” I laughed. “Tell me what you want,” I told her. “Beg me to fuck you.” Her fingers were frantic on her pussy as she begged, “Fuck me!” “Say it over and over,” I said, “and say it like you mean it.” “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” said Kat, over and over. So I did, and I quickly picked up the pace; slamming into her as fast and hard as I could. She came, and came again. Kat is the most orgasmic woman I have ever met. After everything that Andy’s tongue and lips had already done to her, here she was, coming and coming. Her orgasms squeezed my cock, and after a few minutes her pussy spasmed, a flurry of small orgasms that had her shaking; suddenly her pussy was even slicker that before. I didn’t slow down; I kept the fucking motion going. Kat’s pussy could probably be named the eighth wonder of the world it felt so good. After a few minutes, I was ready to cum. I slammed her extra hard a few strokes, then pulled out of her and laid my cock between her cheeks. I pressed her glutes together with my hands, and holding my cock against her little brown hole with my thumbs I stroked along her ass cleavage as I pumped my come out and onto her ass and back. Kat sounded horse as she told me, despite the multitude of orgasms she had just had, about how I had totally fucked up her plan for the afternoon. “Damn you, Ross. You idiot, I had this all planned out.” I got up and got her a towel. She started to roll over, but I stopped her and cleaned her back and her ass of my cum. “I was going to give you everything that I gave Andy. Now you are getting nothing!” “You are just way too sexy to resist, Kat,” I said. “You guys, Mistress Pussy Kat?” asked Andy. We had left him there in the chair! I got up and helped Mistress Pussy Kat up, than we tilted the chair up and unstrapped Andy. I got Andy and Kat to sit at the dining table and got some bottled water from the ‘fridge. Kat told me that her plans for me included making sure that I had the best sex of my life. If Kat wanted to brag about things she wasn’t going to do, what could I say? It didn’t seem to be worth arguing about, so I didn’t. “It’s your turn in the chair then,” I said. “You would put me in the chair?” Kat asked. She was surprised. If the situation was reversed she wouldn’t consider doing me any favors. I don’t think that I ever got her to believe that her I loved making her orgasm. “I would put a collar on you, with bells on it, and listen to your gagging and slurping in time with the bells while I fucked your face. But I haven’t any bells. So yes, I would put you in the chair.” I pulled her dining room chair away from the table, and taking her hands in mine I lifted her to her feet and kissed her. She melted against me as I gently caressed her tongue with mine. I backed away from her, leading her to the chair. I strapped Kat into the chair. I tightened all the straps except for the head strap, that one I removed with the head rest. I wanted her head free, for what I had planned for her. I had recently read something in Kinsey, which while mostly pretty dry, included some more interesting anecdotal information. I found what I read fascinating, and was eager to test what I had learned. On Kat. “I love you, Kat, you are way the hottest woman I have ever met.” “Awww, I love you too,” said Kat. “I really hadn’t anticipated all the stuff you did with Andy, sucking him off like that,” I said as I took the pendant switch and started tilting the chair, laying Kat on her back again, like last time. “Andy, would you please go around to the other side of the chair?” Andy, knowing the plan, my plan, moved quickly around us and stood at her head. “I loved tormenting Andy, then making him cum for me. I loved swallowing all that cum he gave me just now. God, I want his cock in me.” She thought about what she had just said and added, “Your cock too, Ross.” “Thank you Kat. I am glad that you still want my cock, even if you want Andy’s cock more.” She started to reply, but I shushed her. “We’ll talk later,” I said, “We are a little busy with all this fucking and stuff.” I pressed the switch that spread her legs apart and held it until it reached its stop. “I love sucking on your tits, Kat,” I said as I stepped between her knees and leaned forward, laying myself on her and sucking on her left nipple. I looked up at Andy and he bent over, sucking her right nipple into his mouth. Kat gasped and moaned, and her nipples stood up for us. I love the feeling of her nipple in my mouth. I grabbed ‘my’ nipple with my teeth and flicked my tongue over it for more than a minute. “Oh yeah, suck my nipples,” whispered Kat, “I want you both; I want you both to want my body.” “You are so beautiful Kat,” said Andy, “I love everything about your body; I want your body! I would love to fuck you one day!” I suppose that I should have been more upset about Andy’s expression of lust for Kat, and Kat’s eagerness to be fucked by Andy’s cock. But it wasn’t exactly news to me by then, was it? I kind of thought that Andy was editing his comment to leave out their fuck at the party last Saturday, though I could have been wrong and they hadn’t actually fucked then. Maybe I should have been more possessive, but I have never been particularly into owning people, including my wife. And our relationship was pretty unbalanced, with her having most of the power in our marriage. While our fucking was fantastic, the rest of our relationship was very much one of conflict. If she chose to leave me I would be sad more about not having sex with her anymore, than the end of our marriage. I sucked for a little while longer, and then I left her nipple and dragged my tongue down her belly to her navel, and licked her there while I brought my hands up to her sides and tickled her. “No, Ross!” she cried as I tickled her, “don’t!” I went on for a few seconds, her abs jerking as I taunted her with my fingers. I then pulled my hands down her belly and rested them on the insides of her thighs. I slid my tongue down from her belly button to her pussy, and I slipped my fingers into her pussy and gently pulled her lips apart. I licked her pussy for awhile, long slow strokes the full length, bottom to top. Then I started alternating the long strokes with quick flicks at her clit, catching it against its little hood and having at just as fast as I could move my tongue, then starting over with another long slow lick, bottom to top. Andy was standing over Kat and pulling at her nipples still. I looked up into his face, and just raised an eyebrow. Kat’s head was hanging down over the back of the chair. Andy released her nipples and took her head in his hands. He fed his still soft cock into her mouth and she started sucking eagerly. I pushed a finger into Kat’s pussy. It went in very easily, she was so very wet. I massaged her vagina and sucked on her clit, and trust me on this one, life was good. Kat moaned around Andy’s cock, and I knew that what I was doing had her approval. I ran my finger in and out of her fast for a while, than added another finger. I heard Kat gag, and looked up to see Andy making a face as he backed his now hard cock out of her mouth. I stopped licking her clit and lifted my head. I shook my head at him, and said clearly “Premature.” Andy nodded and resumed shallowly fucking Kat’s mouth. I didn’t go right back to licking her clit, but rather rubbed my fingers inside her pussy on her g-spot. After only a few minutes of that, I could feel her orgasm coming as her vagina pulsed, squeezing my finger, than gripping me hard as she came. I rubbed and rubbed, and she came over and over. She started to come down from her orgasm, and I put my face, my lips, and my tongue back to her clit, and she right away started pulsing again. I stopped rubbing Kat’s g-spot and added another finger in her pussy. When her clit was too sensitive to touch again, I switched back to rubbing her g-spot with three fingers this time, and caught her before her orgasm had quite stopped, bringing her back to her peak. Back and forth I went, g-spot to clit to g-spot, Kat held in one long continuous orgasm. It was time for Kat’s surprise. When next I switched from licking Kat’s clit to rubbing her g-spot (with four fingers by now) I lifted my head and looked at Andy. When he looked back, I said “Fuck her throat, she won’t gag on you now.” Andy, who already had Kat’s head in his hands, leaned over Kat and pushed his cock slowly but inexorably down her throat, until his balls were resting in her eyes. I could see her throat bulging out, could see where his cock head was as it pressed into her neck. As his cock made its way into her neck, down her throat, I told her, “Good girl, good girl, Kat, take his big cock down your throat, you won’t gag now, take him deep. “ Andy pulled back, and then shoved it back in, making several strokes slowly working his cock into and back out of her throat. “Is it too tight in her neck like that?” I asked him. “It’s tight alright,” he said “but I fit, and nothing I ever felt, ever, felt this good.” He grinned, and started picking up the pace, fucking his cock full length down her throat. Kat was making a lot of noise as she concentrated on just breathing. As his cock went in, he would choke off her air, as he pulled out again, she would take or release a breath through her nose. Andy fucked her mouth and down into her neck, going ever faster. I concentrated on keeping her in her forever orgasm, and Kat just breathed. As Andy’s thrusts became more insistent, Kat started taking breaths by inhaling over several strokes and exhaling over the next few. You might think that Andy would come pretty quickly this way, but no. After the thorough draining Kat had given him he was up for a marathon. I noted the time on the clock. Andy would speed up, than slow down, when he went very slowly he would hold his cock tight, deeply in Kat’s throat, and then snap it out and back in, leaving her little time to breath. I could tell; with my lips on her clit and my fingers inside her pussy, that when he did that her orgasms were stronger, her muscles gripping my fingers somehow more powerful their hold on me. “Oh, Kat,” I said, “You are so hot, the hottest fucking wife in the world. I can see his cock making your neck bulge out where he’s fucking your throat! You could take an even longer cock, you are so good at cock-sucking I’ll bet you could take a long cock straight down your throat and into your chest! Imagine a cock so deep in you, in your body, reaching into you and resting right next to your beating heart!” Kat said nothing, I can’t be sure that she even heard me. Her face was covered with spit and pre-cum, her hair was soaked with it. I was mesmerized when I could straighten up enough to see Andy’s cock going into and out of Kat’s beautiful soft lips, balls deep over and over again. He went on like this for almost half an hour, fucking Kat’s face, before he squeaked. He’d been speeding up for a few seconds when he just squeaked, slammed his cock all the way into Kat, and kind of roared as he squirted his cum straight into Kat’s throat. After the squirt, he fucked her throat a few strokes and then slammed in again and spewed some more. He did that same thing something more than six more times, before he disengaged entirely from Kat’s mouth Kat coughed a few times, then swallowed loudly, and gasped as she started to make up for her interrupted breathing. There was cum spewed out of her nose onto her upper lip, and she licked at it. She was still up in her continuing orgasm. I stood up between her legs, and replaced my fingers with my cock, slamming into her pussy just as hard and fast as I could. I was panting almost immediately, but I didn’t slow, didn’t ease up at all, but gave this fuck everything I had, saving nothing for later. I didn’t try to make it gentle, or to hit her g-spot, or anything fancy at all. I just fucked her as hard as I could. I grabbed her breasts and held on; fucking into her and making the entire chair shake with each thrust. I have no idea how long I stood there fucking Kat, Mistress Pussy Kat, and/or my wife. It seemed to be forever while I was doing it, and it seemed like it was barely started when I finally came. Have you ever cum so hard, that it felt like pissing? That’s how this felt. So much cum came out of me in a thick flow, emptying my balls out into her pussy, until she was full, finally full of cum, my cum, my gift to her. I continued to fuck her, her slick cum filled pussy holding me perfectly, until I could not stand anymore, and I collapsed onto her. Her breathing was more than a little ragged; when she first spoke I didn’t understand her. But she took a deep breath and said again, very distinctly this time, “Get off!” I slid to the floor and when I landed there, Andy came back and kissed Kat, one long, sensual kiss. And then he told her, “I love you!” Kat replied, “Who do you love?” “You,” said Andy, “My Mistress Pussy Kat!” Well, fuck! “What do you think just happened, Kat?” I asked. “You fucked my pussy,” said Kat, “and Andy fucked my mouth, my throat!” “Why didn’t you choke on Andy’s cock when he put it down your throat?” I asked. “I don’t know,” said Kat, “maybe he’s just better at fucking than you are.” That’s my wife alright; the insults are never very far away. “Or maybe I found out, by reading Kinsey, that a woman has no gag reflex when she is having an orgasm.” “What!?” said Kat, as she rubbed her throat. “No gag reflex?” “Yes, Kat,” I said, “No gagging as long as you’re in your orgasm. So what just happened was my plan. Not your plan, not Andy’s plan; my plan. You just spent more than half an hour in one long orgasm, thanks to me and my practice with you, and your natural ability to cum, over and over again, from both clit and vaginal stimulation.” Andy had nothing to say, and unusually neither did Kat. I walked over to my clothes and gathered them up. I headed out of Andy’s living room to wash up and get dressed, but I turned as I got to the door and said, ”What I think is that you, Kat, should thank me for the longest orgasm of your life. And you Andy, I think that you should thank me for sharing Kat’s mouth and throat with your cock for the most intense deep throat fucking ever.” THE END Please comment. Like it or not, please let me know so that I can become a better writer. Thank you for reading.

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