Babe Sucking Blonde Xxx Cock With Cock In Her Hand

Babe Sucking Blonde Xxx Cock With Cock In Her Hand

This chapter will make the most sense if you have read chapter five before. Isn’t it impressive how many thoughts and emotions you can experience in the blink of an eye, if circumstances are right? Or should I say wrong? When you kneel in an unknown location, your breasts bared and eyes blindfolded, on your knees and with the knowledge that something embarrassing is going to happen resonating inside you, your world becomes a maelstrom. Each little sound echoes around you a thousandfold louder; each little breeze that touches your skin is an approaching storm. Fear, excitement, trepidation, arousal - all these feelings tumble over each other, mix and take away your breath. A loud, whistling sound appeared to surround me for long seconds, seemed to be moving, and I had trouble to keep my balance. It had just stopped when a loud clack disturbed the silence again, and a humming noise from above made me think of bumblebees. But only for a moment, then I felt the warmth on my bare skin - a warmth that I knew all too well from all the times I had partaken in our university’s yearly plays. Spotlights! A stage! That was where I was kneeling, and my heart sped up into a crazy gallop. Cordelia’s sweet giggle helped me reign in my momentary urge to flee. “I see, you have an inkling where you are.” “Oh god,” I whispered, “there are - is there…” “An audience? Of course.” And now that I was aware of it, I noticed the distant, muffled sounds of rustling fabric and quiet whispers. Soft fingers trailed over my cheeks, caressed me lovingly. “I’ll tell you a secret.” Cordelia’s voice was equally soft, and I could feel it brush over my skin from very close by. “Hundreds of eyes are watching you - watching us.” My breath hitched audibly, and I could feel the stares on me. “Please,” I begged. “Please, no!” “But I so want this to happen.” Her warm, slightly moist finger traced the outline of my lips and the recognition of the sweet, musky scent made them tremble. “Can you smell my arousal? I touched myself only moments ago. Do you want to taste my honey?” It was a moment that almost tore my insides apart. How many hours had I spent, dreaming of her sweet nectar coating my tongue? “Yes,” I whimpered. “Oh god, yes!” “What would you do for it?” “Anything!” “I will tell you what you will do.” Her voice trembled with barely contained need. “First, you’ll take off your blouse and let everyone here see your tits. Then, you’ll get on all fours and worship my feet with your tongue, like you’ve done so well before. Can you do that?” I hesitated. I struggled. Just thinking how all these eyes would watch me behave like the most wanton, submissive slut for my beloved set free waves of shame - delicious waves of shame. “Like in Venus in Furs,” she whispered, “let me be your despot. Let me toy with you to my heart’s desire. Like in the Story of O, let me show you off to whomever I deem worthy. Let me bask in your submission; let me get drunk on the power you give to me. Will you gift me that pleasure?” She knew my weak spot so well. How could I not want to please her? The word forced itself from me. “Yes!” “And while your, soft, wet, hot little tongue licks my toes, a friend is going to fuck your snatch while everybody watches you. How does that sound?” My thoughts raced. My emotions tumbled over each other. “Please, no!” I begged once again and started to feel silly with my short responses. “Please, Cordelia! Not that!” “No?” The disappointment in her voice dripped with sarcasm. “You don’t want to taste my lovely honey? You don’t want to be allowed to come?” She played me like a puppet on strings - on strings tied directly to my sex. “I do! I need to!” “I thought so. But you’re making this harder than it needs to be. Now take off your blouse, I want to see these big tits of yours.” My heart beat hard in my chest. Another moment of surrender gripped me when the thin fabric slid down my arms, and goosebumps raced all over my exposed skin. Not knowing what else to do with it, I held out the blouse in front of me. Cordelia took it from my hand, which slowly sank back to my side, suddenly fighting an urge to go between my legs and rub my boiling pussy with frantic abandon. A tearing sound hit me like a whip, and Cordelia laughed when I jerked. “We won’t need this on the way home.” “Not… need?” And my breath hitched and my skin lit aflame, because applause flared up, deep and loud, and shook my body. A sob wanted to escape from my throat, but my nipples tightened into painful needles and reveled in the dirty approval that rocked the air. I moaned. I whimpered. Cordelia’s pleased chuckles rang in my ears just as loud as the clapping. Another moan found its way when her fingers covered my cheeks and she guided my face downward to where I knew her pretty toes were eagerly awaiting their naughty caresses. I extended my arms and let my upper body’s weight settle on them, intensely aware of my breasts following gravity’s law and swinging with every small motion. But she guided me further down, and soon my elbows were bent all the way and my breasts were mashed between my body and the floor, the cool wood pressing hard against my swollen, hard nubs. “Open wide.” I did, awkwardly lifting my head, and then the familiar touch and taste entered my mouth and toes started to wiggle, begging my tongue to lick all over them, incredibly soft and sweet. Fresh applause reverberated through the theatre. It was cut short by a woman’s voice, soft, almost ethereal, that seemed to come from all around me. I struggled to understand the first few words, but when I did, the shameful burning on my skin became a raging inferno. It was my own fantasy that this sweet female voice recited, full of emotion and sexiness! I suckled hard on Cordelia’s toes in a futile attempted to hide the moan of incredible, shameful arousal – arousal which physically manifested itself between my legs and trickled down my thighs. “It can be our little secret. Nobody needs to know but us. You know you want to taste them. Do it!” I tried to shut out the voice, knowing what would soon come, and focused all my attention on my Queen Bee’s beautiful feet, licking and sucking with fervor. It was no use. There it was, plain to hear for every pair of ears present. “Miss Wilkins?” The voice had no qualms about telling the world my name, and new, terrifying thought crossed my mind. What if there was anybody present who knew me?” Fear gripped my heart for a moment, but the thought was followed by the realization that it was far too late by now. The toes slipped away, only to be replaced by a fresh set that filled my mouth once more with the sweet mixture of luxury soap, perfume and sweat. I almost bit them when fingers came out of the nowhere and touched the backs of my thighs. “Hush,” Cordelia instructed, “Keep licking.” The fingers spread and trailed up my thighs with agonizing slowness, millimeter by millimeter pushing up the hem of my skirt. I could not say if they were male or female, old or young. I only felt their strength and determination, and it made my legs tremble. Cool air brushed over my bum cheeks. The shirt was flipped onto my back. Even though it was useless under the blindfold, I closed my eyes in naughty, terrified excitement. Sharp nails trailed the outline of my pussy lips, scratching slowly along the soft skin and setting it on fire. And just as the voice read my full name - told everyone that the wanton slut they were watching and whose most intimate fantasy they had just heard was Jocelyn-Anne Wilkins - the stranger behind me shoved two fingers deeply into my pussy. My cry of shock mixed with an uninhibited moan, and loud clapping branded in waves against my crumbling morale and shook my dark world again. The fingers withdrew. The toes left my mouth. I fought for breath, my heart galloping painfully in my chest and my moisture forming rivers of depraved arousal on my thighs. The tip of Cordelia’s fingers softly pressing upwards on my chin was enough to tell me what I had to do, so I got up on my hands again, even though my arms shook below my. My breasts, squashed and hot, reveled in the feeling of cool air. “I want to see your eyes.” Cordelia’s whisper brushed my cheek softer and more pleasant than any finger ever could. I could feel her nestle with the knot on the blindfold, and then it was slipped off and I blinked in the harsh light of the overhead spots. “Oh my god!” The words forced their way out of my throat, and I felt myself float weightlessly in a sea of shame. In front of me were huge projection screens, and the pictures showed me - us - in incredible detail from all directions. My breasts could be seen swinging under me, my chin glistened with drool and even the moisture on my thighs shone discernibly in the light. My whole body was flushed with arousal. But what took my breath away once more was the person behind me. There, clad in a dark red, gleaming corset that showed off her big, perfect breasts, knelt the exotic and imposing figure of Natalie, the pale skin of her thighs offset by the huge, black rubber monster that rose from between them and that she had already pointed at my slick opening. It was big, bigger than anything that had ever entered my pussy before. If I had to guess, its diameter had to be more than two inches. And it came closer and closer to my dripping folds. I watched the screen that showed our images from the side and slightly above with strange fascination, saw the dildo bridge the last few millimeters until it touched my pussy lips, and then I felt it. It was cool, slick, and both hard and soft at the same time. “Look at me!” Cordelia ordered impatiently, standing in front of an elaborate wooden chair. Her eyes sparkled with glee and desire. I felt my pussy lips pushed aside, and while I knew that there was no need for lubrication, that my juices were already overflowing
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my horny sex, I trembled when the tip of the black monster pressed forward and pushed my pussy walls aside. I moaned, but the pressure didn’t let up or even falter, and my eyes widened both in shock and pleasure while it slid deeper and deeper inside me, filling me in a way that I had never been filled before. My moan continued, hitched, turned into whimpers and groans when my breath started to fly. I couldn’t look away from the fascination that made Cordelia’s face even more beautiful. How my degrading display could evoke such apt wonder, I could not really grasp. But even while I noticed the sheer depravity of the moment from the corners of my eyes, projected in every sordid detail for everyone to see, and while waves of shame washed over me and rocked my body, my heart soared at the knowledge that I was the focus of her attention. “I love you!” I didn’t think when I told her, but her answering smile touched my heart. Natalia’s thighs touched my bottom, and I could only grunt and whimper with pleasure. “Slut!” the eastern beauty whispered, loud enough that at least those in the front would be able to hear. Then she pulled the dildo back out, almost all the way, only to ram it back inside with a quick, single thrust that sent shockwaves of heat through my pussy. “Slut!” Cordelia’s eyes shone and her face was flushed with desire. “Yes!” My scream confirmed Natalie’s accusation and made my beloved’s breath hitch. But then the ethereal voice once more filled the air. “This is going to be a blast, just you see!” My other fantasy! My most depraved one! For the tiniest moment, the world seemed to spin around me. But then it stopped again, and it felt like chains snapped around me and I was, for the first time ever, completely free. All these feelings of shame that had built up almost unbearably high inside me evaporated in the blink of an eye, and instead of wanting to flee and hide – as I probably should - I felt the need to jump up and scream, “Yes, it’s me! Look at me; look at this slut! It’s me!” Cordelia’s eyes narrowed for a moment, but then she smiled incredibly brightly. “So beautiful,” I gasped while my body was shaken by Natalia’s delicious, ruthless penetrations. “Your smile! My angel!” “Slut.” The ethereal voice recited, and Cordelia's mouth mimicked the words. The heat in my pussy became a volcano. Cordelia slipped the straps of her beautiful white dress over her shoulders and let it pool around her feet on the floor. Her bra was flimsy and see-through, just a hint of creamy white over her stiff and yummy nipples, and her shaven pussy was swollen and glistening. I could not believe that she was doing this, that she, the beautiful, clever, self-assured queen of my heart and body, would expose herself like this. But without waiting, her hand shot between her legs and she started to finger herself, right in front of the audience. “Come for me!” She prompted, her voice husky and shaking. Right in that moment, Natalia’s strong fingers wrapped around my breasts and squeezed. It was too much, and feeling like I was propelled into the sky by a giant catapult, I tumbled over the edge. Wet, searing hot waves of pleasure shot from my pussy all through my body. My nipples throbbed and sparkled in tune, and every nerve ending in my body was set ablaze with the most pleasurable sensations I had ever felt. I screamed and shook, and I could feel my juices gush from my pussy. “Yes!” Cordelia exclaimed, finger-fucking her sweet plum in a frenzy. “Yes! Fuck, yes! Slut!” Writhing and trembling in Natalia’s strong grasp, I came and came. She didn’t let up with her fucking, and while I lost almost all control of my body in the throes of my passion, her strong hands kept me in place and she continued to ram the rubber rod into me. “Slut!” She exclaimed once more, but then she pulled my body upright and tightly against hers, and I could feel her shaking and heard her moaning with her own release. Cordelia came too, trembling and making the sweetest whimpers, and she fell back into the chair, one hand clutched over her pussy, eyes closed and her face full of bliss. The voice head reached the end of the retelling and once again read out my full name. My arms shook too much, and every time my pussy clenched down on the stiff rubber that stretched it, they wanted to buckle. My upper body slumped to the floor. Finally, the dildo slid out of my pussy, and I groaned both from relief and disappointment. My lower body also joined the rest on the floor, and I delighted in the small twitches and sparks of aftershock, slowly getting my breath under control again. “Thank you,” Natalia’s accented voice boomed around as, “Ladies and Gentlemen, for watching this evening’s art performance. I hope you all enjoyed it. I do know that we did. Please give a special applause for Miss Wilkins, university teacher by day and submissive slut to her own student by night. She is a delight, is she not?” More claps - and probably feet to, if the shaking of the floor was anything to go by - told of the audience’s enjoyment. Whistles and catcalls filled the air. The curtains whirred shut again and the screens turned blank. Shuffling could be heard for a few minutes, but then a loud clank filled the air and silence reigned. “Miss Wilkins?” Cordelia had also found her breath a lot faster than me. “Yes, Cordelia?” My own voice still trembled. “Did you like it?” Her eyebrow went up, and a smirk painted itself on her soft, glossy, inviting lips. I almost cursed. She had broken through another wall in me, released another part of me that could not be reined back in. “Yes,” I admitted meekly, turning onto my back, “I did.” “Good.” “I’m afraid, though.” I bit my lip. “I’m afraid someone in the audience might know me.” “Oh, poor teacher,” she soothed mockingly, getting up from her chair and crouching down next to me. Her hand caressed my cheek and I snuggled into the touch. “You don’t need to fear that someone might know you.” She giggled. “I know that there was someone there whom you know. A colleague of yours. I know because I was the one who invited them.” I froze. Cold chains wrapped themselves around my chest. “No!” “Oh, yes!” She nodded. “I want to know how it feels, not knowing who it is, having to guess if they picture you naked and doing the kinkiest things, every time one of your fellow teachers looks at you. I want to know if that gets your snatch dripping.” The sweet, excited smile in her face didn’t match up with her crude words. But it managed to capture my focus. She giggled again. “But that is for Monday. The weekend’s only halfway through, and I’m going to have some fun with Natalia. She promised to show me some wicked things she can do with that black rubber monster. While we’re having fun in the backroom, I want you to think of what we might be doing and to stroke your dripping snatch.” She tilted her head, one corner of her mouth twitching upwards. “No coming, though.” All but one of the spots turned off with a loud click, and the area around us went dark. I could see Natalia gesture from an open door. Cordelia got up and headed in her direction, her dress still in a heap next to me and her beautiful, tight buttocks wiggling invitingly with every step. “Cordelia!” I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say. ‘Don’t leave me alone?’ Perhaps it was, ‘I need you!’ It might also have been a desperate, ‘Please allow me to come!’ What I said when she turned back to me and sent me a questioning, calculating look, was, “I wish you fun!” Her giggle rang in my ears. Envy clutched at my heart. She made sure to kiss Natalia where the dim light from the corridor let me see enough to kindle my jealousy. Then I was alone; alone and lying on my back in the middle of an empty stage where I had let myself become the depraved main act for hundreds of eager eyes. I splayed my legs as wide as I could. Images of Cordelia appeared in front of my closed eyes, her pretty, soft pussy lips stretched around the huge rubber cock, and that look of bliss on her face I had seen earlier. I could almost hear her whisper and grunt and moan in passion, and my fingers didn’t need conscious effort to become a flurry between my thighs. I had come so hard after being in a constant state of arousal for more than a week. I had climaxed for minutes, and my nerves were still tingling from the intensity I had experienced. Yet, like an addict, my body already yearned for more. My juices not just dribbled but ran from my sex, and each rub from my fingers made wet, slurping noises. My arousal shot up like on springs. My pussy’s slick walls tried to clench down on the long-gone intruder. “Cordelia!” I couldn’t help it, she was what - whom - I craved, and I realized that I had not tasted her as she had promised. But I never knew with her. She might still grant me a lick of her honey. She was my Queen Bee. I would bow to her whims. Without really touching me, she had made her hold on me even stronger. She had showed me off, made myself agree to the most depraved thing I had ever done in my life. I should have been terrified and repulsed. Instead, every thought of tonight’s events made me tingle and shudder. A surge of pleasure almost caught me unawares, and I quickly moved my hand away from my pussy, pulled my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around them, teetering on the brink of a forbidden climax. Knowing that I had just barely managed to stop myself, both relief and loss warred inside me for dominance. I took some deep breaths, almost sobbing with need once more. Very slowly, the churning pit between my legs settled down again. I once more started to caress myself. She had not told me to stop. Stopping was a word that slowly slipped from my vocabulary, anyway. “Cordelia!” I whispered her name again between desperate little moans of pleasure. “My Queen Bee. My Goddess. My despot. My love!”

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