hot tinder meeting ended up with two drunk chicks at my place

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We appreciate you support and decided to reward you. We bring you something new today – I asked my friend Veronika to go out into the streets with me. Veronika, my friend with benefits, is a lovely girl with skills. We packed the camera, cash and headed out. A couple shots later we met a fine couple in a bar. Young Sarka and her boyfriend invited us over and girls started a wild show. It cost me 10,000 CZK to enter those two peaches, but then it was way too much for Ondra to handle seeing his girlfriend choking on my dick. He was playing with his tool while I fucked his whore senseless. This was one fine party, let me tell you. The first foursome on CzechStreets! I hope you like it!

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amber, aged 19 felt asleep after heavy drinking, during her coma some bad guy removed her panties

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its a golden rule for girls aged 16-19 to never loose control, you might drink as much as you want but never stay at that place and try to make it back home or accidential selfies like this might happen and be online for decades. in this case cute amber, aged 19 was freed from her white virgin panties and her beautiful shaved cameltoe was fotographed by a creative iphone con artist. he then decided to make this post viral and now sweet ambers drunk adventures are online and will probably sabotage her future career opportunities and as sideeffect serve as jerkoff blueprint for thousands of guys

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this lovely sweetheart has just forgotten her panties when she went out drinking with her girlfriends she stumbeld on her ex wich convinced her to join the toilet room and they had fast intercourse. in the rush of things she completley forget to put her panties on again , we might speculate if this was just by accident or full intention to just find the next guy that would take her to the toilet , a proven fact is she went very drunk that night and also not home allone

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pop culture is entering our lives in every aspect, those young sweethearts just wanted to celebrate this song and tried out french kissing themselves and went wet .
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thats steffanie, i took her home boozed up and she was so horny she instantly went down on my pants and was too ambitous. i couldnt come for half an hour caus i was a il bit afraid of this drunk cutie, but then the cork popped of and i plastered her face with a load that was five days old. i hadnt jacked off the days before. she felt in love with me and called me twice a day, but i dropped this slut, shes just to messy

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susi is the cutest dope addict you might meet. shes so desperate for dope that even her pot dealer prefers raw pussy then cash. and the more addicted she gets the cheaper he can get into her panties.
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